TDA7388 4 x 45 W Audio Amplifier

TDA7388 Amplifier The TDA7388 is a class AB radio amplifier specifically designed for car radio applications. It offers several features that make it suitable for automotive audio systems. Here are the key specifications and pinout details: Specifications: Output Power: 4 x 45 W (maximum) at 4 Ω and 4 x 26 W at 14.4 V, … Read more

IR Sensor Module Working with Arduino

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6283 IC Pinout | CD6283 Stereo Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram

CD6283 Stereo Audio Amplifier Circuit If you are looking for a simple and low-cost way to build a stereo audio amplifier, you might be interested in the 6283 IC pinout. The 6283 IC is a dual-channel audio power amplifier with built-in thermal shutdown protection and low popping noise at power on. It can deliver up … Read more

Xsparsh – IndianOil APK for Android Download: A Guide for Indian Oil Dealers

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Vidmate Apk Old Version Download | vidmattapp Download

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