What is a Coupling Capacitor | Applications of Coupling Capacitor

What is a Coupling Capacitor? The Coupling Capacitor is a basic capacitor that generally allows high-frequency AC signal and blocks the low-frequency DC signal. We know that the capacitor is stores electrical charge, whenever the capacitor connected in series with the load is called a Coupling Capacitor. These capacitors are used to get the output … Read more

What is a Filter Capacitor? | Filter Capacitor Working and Applications

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The Filter Capacitor is the basic type of capacitor there is no difference from the other capacitors, it depends on the type of working.┬áThe capacitor is a reactive component used in analog electronic filters due to the function of the capacitor’s impedance frequency. Depending on the frequency of the capacitor that affects the signal. This … Read more

Parallel Plate Capacitor | Parallel Plate Capacitance with Dielectric

Parallel plate capacitor

Parallel Plate Capacitor Parallel Plate Capacitors are an arrangement of two metal plates which are electrodes and insulating material or dielectric material both plates are separated from each other by some distance there is a dielectric between them. This dielectric medium is a separator for the plates which occupies the gap between the plates as … Read more