FM Transmitter Bug Circuit Diagram Using BC548 Transistors

FM Transmitter Bug ckt

FM Transmitter Bug Circuit Diagram     This small FM Transmitter Bug Circuit Diagram uses a Hartley type oscillator. Normally the capacitor in the tank circuit would connect at the base of the transistor, but at VHF the base-emitter capacitance of the transistor acts as a short circuit, so in effect, it still is. The coil … Read more

AM (amplitude modulation) Transmitter Circuit Diagram

AM Transmitter Circuit Diagram It is illegal to operate an AM Transmitter without a license in most countries. AM Transmitter Circuit Diagram is deliberately limited in power output but will provide amplitude modulation (AM) of voice over the medium wave band. The circuit is in two halves, an audio amplifier, and an RF oscillator. The oscillator is built … Read more