12V Dual Power Supply Circuit Diagram | 7812 Voltage Regulator Circuit


7812 Voltage Regulator Circuit The 7812 is a three-terminal linear voltage regulator integrated circuit (IC) that provides a fixed regulated output voltage of 12V. It is commonly used in power supplies and voltage regulation applications, where the input voltage can fluctuate and a stable output voltage is required. The 7812 operates on a wide input … Read more

AC to DC Converter 12V Circuit Diagram, 220v to 12v DC Converter Circuit

ac to dc converter

AC to DC 12V Converter Circuit In this article I discuss AC to DC Converter 12v Circuit, here there are mainly two types of converters widely used for AC-DC conversion purposes. The traditional transformer-based linear converter uses a simple diode bridge with a capacitor voltage regulator. An AC to DC 12V converter is a device that … Read more

3 Phase Automatic Changeover Switch Circuit Diagram Pdf

3 Phase Automatic Changeover Switch

What is Automatic Changeover Switch A Changeover Switch is a switching arrangement or device used to switch the power supply source to an electrical load. There are various kinds of changeover switches available. It is classified into two types based on the operation: 1. manual 2. automatic. As the name of the transfer switch, automatic changeover … Read more

DC to DC Converter Circuit 12V to ± 38V

DC to DC Converter

DC to DC 12V to ± 38V Converter Circuit, in the circuit shown in the figure  The pulse generator built on the TL494 chip is at the heart of the Car DC to DC Converter 12V to 38 VDC. The circuit is intended to power the Monoblock Car Amplifier TDA7294. The generator frequency can be adjusted by adjusting … Read more

24V DC power supply Circuit Diagram | AC to DC Converter Circuit


24V DC Power Supply 24v Dc power supply at 2 A. The 24 volts power supply circuit is very simple. We need to use a 24V 2A power supply circuit for a 30W power amp. The circuit has a fixed DC regulator circuit. Therefore your amplifier has a very good sound quality. When the load consumes many currents. The output … Read more

Power Supply Circuits, AC to DC Converter Circuits, DC to DC Converter Circuits

Power Supply Circuits are a relatively simple way to provide power to electronic devices. They contain a number of electrical components, such as rectifiers, transformers, and capacitors, that help to distribute electricity throughout a device. This guide will provide an overview of how power supply circuits work, and some of the additional components that can be … Read more

Applications of UPS | What are types of UPS? How does UPS work?

What is UPS System? UPS is short for Uninterruptable Power Supply. An Uninterruptable Power Supply is a device that provides power to a system even when the original power supply is not functioning. The most common use of an Uninterruptable Power Supply is to provide power to a computer system in the event of a … Read more

DC to DC converter +12V to +/-20V Circuit | Applications of DC to DC Converter


DC to DC converter The DC to DC power supply converts the DC power coming from your wall outlet into a higher voltage that can be used to power electronic devices. The power output of a DC to DC converter is a constant voltage, meaning the voltage is the same regardless of how much current … Read more

Voltage Booster Circuit Diagram & Applications | DC to DC Boost Converter

Voltage Bosster Circuit

Voltage Booster Circuit Basically, a Simple Voltage Booster Circuit is also DC-DC Converter or booster. These are comes under electronic circuits it can be either step up or step down the DC Voltage to get the required voltage level. Actually these DC voltage booster circuit it can boosts a low DC voltage to high DC … Read more

12v to 5v DC-DC Converter Circuit Diagram | 12V to 5V Converter using 7805 IC

12v to 5v converter circuit

12V to 5V converter In this article I would like to explain about 12v to 5v Converter which is DC-DC step down type converter. If you want to 5V DC power supply for making digital circuits like audio pre amp circuits, Dolby and optical circuits, Arduino boards mostly required. But in this case if you … Read more