12V Dual Power Supply Circuit Diagram | 7812 Voltage Regulator Circuit

7812 Voltage Regulator Circuit

The 7812 is a three-terminal linear voltage regulator integrated circuit (IC) that provides a fixed regulated output voltage of 12V. It is commonly used in power supplies and voltage regulation applications, where the input voltage can fluctuate and a stable output voltage is required. The 7812 operates on a wide input voltage range, typically 10V to 35V, and can provide a maximum output current of 1A.

The 7812 IC is a positive voltage regulator which means that it generates a positive voltage with respect to the common ground. 12 volts dc supply is maintained by using regulator 7812 IC, if the supply voltage exceeds 12 volts then regulator IC 7812 blocks excessive voltage. This power supply circuit is used for pure dc voltage requirement devices like audio systems low voltage ripples dc voltage waveform found.




12V Dual Power Supply Circuit Diagram


12V power supply circuits with output voltages around 12V, LM7912 is a negative voltage regulator used for regulating negative voltages. These are specially designed to regulate negative voltages. These are designed with the lowest noise and highest power supply rejection ratio. The output voltage of LM7912 is -12V

Voltage Regulator

The voltage regulator is an important part of electronics. It allows devices to adjust the voltage level so that it’s consistent, regardless of how much power is being drawn. This prevents devices from exploding and helps make circuits run more efficiently. The secondary function of voltage regulation is to prevent noise — excess voltage — from entering a circuit.

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