Current Divider Circuit

current divider circuit

Current Dividers Electrical circuits called current dividers are used to divide a current into several channels or branches. They are frequently used to distribute current across multiple components or loads in a variety of applications. Resistors or other impedance components linked in parallel generally make up current dividers. A current that enters a current divider … Read more

RCCB Full Form | rccb connection diagram & Types of RCCB’s

RCCB Full Form RCCB stands for Residual Current Circuit Breaker. It is an electrical safety device that is designed to protect against electrical shock caused by earth leakage current. RCCBs detect and interrupt current leakage that occurs when current flows through an unintended path, such as through a person’s body. It can quickly disconnect the … Read more

PLC Full Form | What is a PLC?

PLC Full form

PLC Full Form PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller. A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a type of industrial control system that is designed to automate processes in manufacturing plants and other industrial environments. PLCs are used to control machinery, monitor production processes, and manage various other aspects of industrial operations. PLCs consist of a … Read more

MCB Full Form | What is MCB used for? | Applications of MCB

MCB Full Form

MCB Full Form?  MCB full form “Miniature Circuit Breaker. A Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) is an electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuits. MCBs can automatically switch off the electrical supply to prevent damage to the circuit, and they can be reset manually once the fault has … Read more

What is SCR? | Turn ON methods of SCR or Triggering Method of SCR

turn ON method of SCR

The Turn ON Method of SCR is the most important part of the correct function of the device. There are many different ways to trigger the SCR. This article will explain some of the more popular methods. What is SCR? SCR or silicon-controlled rectifier is a four-layer solid-state device. The SCR can be used as … Read more

Electronic City Noida | Which sector is Noida Electronic City?

electronic city noida

Electronic City Noida     Electronic City Noida is a planned technology park located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is a hub for many IT and IT-enabled service companies and is also home to several residential and commercial developments. The park was developed by the Uttar Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation and is spread … Read more

Circuit House Meaning | How to book circuit house in India?

circuit house

Circuit House A circuit house is a type of government-run guesthouse that is typically located in small towns or rural areas. These houses are intended for the use of government officials, politicians, and other VIPs when they are on official visits to the area. They typically offer basic amenities such as lodging, dining, and conference … Read more