Variable Resistor Symbol | Rheostat Symbol & Types of Variable Resistors and Applications

Potentiometer symbol

What is a Variable resistor: A Variable resistor is a type of resistor in which the electric flow of current can be controlled by adjusting the resistance value. This variable resistor works the same as a normal resistor at a fixed value and if the resistance value increases in the variable resistor the current through … Read more

Potentiometer Types | Types of Potentiometers | Potentiometer Symbol

potentiometer symbol

What is a Potentiometer? In this article explains Potentiometer types and its havingĀ a 3-terminal device, it is manually adjustable variable resistor. This potentiometer commonly named as a potmeter or pot, the two terminals of the potentiometer connected to opposite ends that is resistive element and the 3rd terminal used as sliding contact which is movable … Read more