TDA7388 4 x 45 W Audio Amplifier

TDA7388 Amplifier The TDA7388 is a class AB radio amplifier specifically designed for car radio applications. It offers several features that make it suitable for automotive audio systems. Here are the key specifications and pinout details: Specifications: Output Power: 4 x 45 W (maximum) at 4 Ω and 4 x 26 W at 14.4 V, … Read more

6283 IC Pinout | CD6283 Stereo Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram

CD6283 Stereo Audio Amplifier Circuit If you are looking for a simple and low-cost way to build a stereo audio amplifier, you might be interested in the 6283 IC pinout. The 6283 IC is a dual-channel audio power amplifier with built-in thermal shutdown protection and low popping noise at power on. It can deliver up … Read more

Half Wave Rectifier Diagram | Half Wave Rectifier Working

Half Wave Rectifier Diagram

Half Wave Rectifier A half–wave rectifier is a type of electronic circuit that converts an alternating current (AC) signal into a pulsating direct current (DC) signal. It works by allowing current to flow through the circuit in only one direction, which results in the elimination of the negative portion of the AC signal. Half Wave … Read more

LDR Sensor Based Sunset Lamp using IC NE555 Timer Circuit – photoresistor

LDR Circuit

LDR Sensor LDR Sensor Based Sunset Lamp using IC NE555 Timer Circuit automatic lights flicker due to the change in light intensity at dawn and dusk.  So compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)  are unsuitable in such circuits as flickering may damage the electronic circuits within these lamps. The circuit described here can solve the problem and switch … Read more

12V Dual Power Supply Circuit Diagram | 7812 Voltage Regulator Circuit


7812 Voltage Regulator Circuit The 7812 is a three-terminal linear voltage regulator integrated circuit (IC) that provides a fixed regulated output voltage of 12V. It is commonly used in power supplies and voltage regulation applications, where the input voltage can fluctuate and a stable output voltage is required. The 7812 operates on a wide input … Read more

5.1 Prologic Board price | B-Tech Audio DTS Board, Dolby pro logic board

5.1 prologic board

5.1 Prologic Board 5.1 Prologic board or 5.1 Pre Amp Kit Audio Board and Convert 2 Channel to 5.1 Channel and also use for Home Theatre Sound Recorder and Sound Circuits. This is a high-quality DTS 5.1 Prologic Board, A surround sound decoder that converts stereo input to 5.1 Channel like the front left, front right, center, rear … Read more

LM3886 Amplifier Board | LM3886 datasheet Pdf Download

LM3886 Audio Power Amplifier

LM3886 Amplifier This tutorial is an introduction to LM3886 amplifiers, the most basic building block of op-amps. This circuit is a simple amplifier that can be used as a basis for more complicated amplifier designs. The circuit uses one LM3886, which is an adjustable gain amplifier with a quiescent current of around 100nA. This means … Read more

Traffic Light Controller circuit using CD4017 IC Datasheet

Traffic Light Controller circuit using CD4017 IC

Traffic Light Controller circuit The Traffic Light Controller circuit using CD4017IC  The circuit’s timing and sequential operation is done by two CMOS ICs (IC1 and IC2) while the actual power switching is done by Triacs. CD4017 IC Circuit Diagram Traffic Light Controller circuit using CD4017 IC From the Traffic Light Controller circuit using CD4017 IC, a 10V negative … Read more

LM358 Amplifier Circuit Diagram | LM358 Datasheet

LM358 Op-Amp Audio Amplifier

LM358 Amplifier The LM358 Amplifier circuit is a versatile audio amplifier employing a low-cost LM358 op-amp. The differential inputs give the amplifier excellent immunity to common-mode signals which are a common cause of amplifier instability. The LM358 op-amp audio amplifier circuit is the ground point for wiring in a simple design. The ground sensor can … Read more