Headphone Amplifier Circuit using TDA1308 IC Datasheet pdf

Headphone Amplifier Circuit Headphone Amplifier Circuit using TDA1308 IC is a very simple and efficiency audio amplifier circuit based on the TDA1308 IC class-AB stereo headphone. The device is fabricated in a 1 mm Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) process and has been primarily developed for portable digital audio applications.   Headphone Amplifier Circuit using TDA1308 IC … Read more

Fire Alarm circuit using LDR | TDA2003 datasheet

Fire alarm circuit using LDR

Fire Alarm Circuit Fire Alarm circuit using LDR: This is a simple fire alarm circuit based on a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) and lamp pair for sensing the fire. The alarm works by sensing the smoke produced during the fire. The circuit produces an audible alarm when the fire breaks out with smoke.   Fire … Read more

TA7222AP IC Power Amplifier Circuit

TA7222AP IC Amplifer

Power Amplifier Circuit Power Amplifier Circuit By IC TA7222AP This Circuit is made by using IC TA7222AP to power amplifier circuit is make it simple with low cost. The power supply can use only 8 to 12 volts supply, this circuit can use the in-car audio system or for small rooms, computer speakers, and security systems. Power … Read more

TDA2822M Amplifier Circuit Diagram | TDA2822M Datasheet Pdf Download

TDA2822M Stereo Audio Amplifier Circuit

TDA2822M Amplifier TDA2822M Amplifier 2.0 Channel Stereo Audio Amp Board Module     TDA2822M Amplifier 2.0 Channel Stereo Audio Amp Board Module is the article explaining TDA2822M Amplifier 2.0 Channel Stereo Audio Amp Board Module TDA2822M Amplifier 2.0 working on DC 1.8-12V stereo Audio Amplifier TDA2822M Amplifier 2.0 working on DC 1.8-12V stereo Audio Amplifier this … Read more

12v DC to 230v AC Converter circuit diagram

12v DC to 230v AC Converter 12v DC to 230v AC Inverter circuit diagram, It’s used as the oscillator stage astable multivibrator contained in IC1, a CMOS 4047  by varying the resistance value of R1 trimmer (220 k total resistance) can vary the oscillation frequency of 40 Hz to 70 Hz square wave, phase-shifted by … Read more

24V DC power supply Circuit Diagram | AC to DC Converter Circuit


24V DC Power Supply 24v Dc power supply at 2 A. The 24 volts power supply circuit is very simple. We need to use a 24V 2A power supply circuit for a 30W power amp. The circuit has a fixed DC regulator circuit. Therefore your amplifier has a very good sound quality. When the load consumes many currents. The output … Read more

12W Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram | TDA2616 IC Amplifier Circuit

TDA 2616 IC 12-watt-amplifier-circuit

12Watt Audio Amplifier 12 watt amplifier circuit using with TDA 2616 IC Stereo amplifier circuit diagram with schematics. This simple audio power amplifier circuit is designed for 12 watts of output power using TDA 2616 IC. The 12 watt amplifier circuit is a high quality stereo amplifier which is great for powering small speakers. The circuit … Read more

Burglar Alarm security circuit for home by IC 555

Burglar Alarm security circuit

Burglar Alarm security circuit The Burglar Alarm security circuit shown here is used as a burglary alarm. LDR is kept in such a place that when the thief enters our house, a shadow falls on the LDR. A small beam of light is also needed to deliver an uninterrupted signal to the LDR. To obtain the best light source, we … Read more

DC to DC converter +12V to +/-20V Circuit | Applications of DC to DC Converter


DC to DC converter The DC to DC power supply converts the DC power coming from your wall outlet into a higher voltage that can be used to power electronic devices. The power output of a DC to DC converter is a constant voltage, meaning the voltage is the same regardless of how much current … Read more

3000W Stereo Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram using with Transistors

3000W Stereo Power Amplifier Circuit

3000W Stereo Power Amplifier This power amplifier circuit uses a transistor amplifier from the front, signal splitter, driver, and power amplifier. The current consumption required is quite a large power amplifier that is 15-20 A 1500W power amplifier circuits for this. The supply voltage needed by the power of this amplifier is the optimal working … Read more