12W Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram | TDA2616 IC Amplifier Circuit

12Watt Audio Amplifier

12 watt amplifier circuit using with TDA 2616 IC Stereo amplifier circuit diagram with schematics. This simple audio power amplifier circuit is designed for 12 watts of output power using TDA 2616 IC.

The 12 watt amplifier circuit is a high quality stereo amplifier which is great for powering small speakers. The circuit is the heart of the circuit and is a TDA2616, which is a stereo amplifier IC which comes in 9 leads and in the SOT-131 package and is designed to be mains fed. This means that the 12 watt amplifier circuit can be run off of a battery and will still output high quality sound. This is because the TDA2616 also has an LDO which means that the circuit can be run at a high voltage, in this case 24V, and still output a high quality sound.

This makes the circuit ideal to use as a portable amplifier. The IC has good gain balance between both channels, and also has a special builtin circuit which prevents click sounds during power on and off.

TDA2616 IC Circuit Diagram

TDA 2616 IC 12-watt-amplifier-circuit


12W Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram

High-quality 12W amplifier circuit with stereo. The heart of the circuit is a TDA 2616 IC which is a stereo amplifier IC that comes with 9 leads and a SOT131 package

TDA2616 IC Datasheet Pdf

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