24V DC power supply Circuit Diagram | AC to DC Converter Circuit

24V DC Power Supply

24v Dc power supply at 2 A. The 24 volts power supply circuit is very simple. We need to use a 24V 2A power supply circuit for a 30W power amp. The circuit has a fixed DC regulator circuit. Therefore your amplifier has a very good sound quality. When the load consumes many currents. The output voltage is still the 24V voltage and low ripple. So little noise on the speaker of your amplifier.

AC to DC Converter Circuit

24V / 2A power supply circuit Diagram


Applications of 24V DC Power Supply:

  • Input Voltage: AC 110 – 220V, Output Voltage: 24V DC, 2A
  • Power Supply Driver Adapter For CCTV & LED Strip
  • This circuit board is used for electronic projects
  • Widely used in Industrial automation, Radio, Broadcasting, LED display, communications, Security cameras, Lighting, Computer.

AC to DC Converter Device Name

The device that is used to convert AC to DC is called a rectifier. The rectifier converts sinusoidal waves into a direct line the name suggests, a rectifier corrects or straightens the direction of the current.

Did people ask questions?

What is 24V DC Power Supply?

A 24V Power supply can change AC to DC. In addition to converting the AC power to DC power, the voltage level can be adjusted at the same time. Some devices need DC but only have access to the AC coming from the wall.

What is 24V DC used for?

24V DC is widely used for Radio, CCTV, LED strips, Broadcasting, Industrial automation, and communication systems.

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