DC to DC converter +12V to +/-20V Circuit | Applications of DC to DC Converter

DC to DC converter

The DC to DC power supply converts the DC power coming from your wall outlet into a higher voltage that can be used to power electronic devices. The power output of a DC to DC converter is a constant voltage, meaning the voltage is the same regardless of how much current is being drawn. This prevents the power converter from being a risk for overloading, which is important when powering devices that can draw a large amount of current, like computers and electric drills. DC to DC converters usually has multiple output voltages, allowing you to choose the voltage that is best for your application.

DC to DC Converter circuit used to be a converted voltage DC to DC with different concepts. DC to DC converter circuit +12 V to + /-20V is working to change the battery voltage from 12V DC to 20V DC voltage



DC to DC converter +12V to +/-20V Circuit


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