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What is a Solenoid Switch

The Solenoid Switch is a type of switch that functions using the principle of electromagnetic induction. When current flows through a coil of wire, it creates a magnetic field within the coil. When the current is turned off, the magnetic field created by the current continues to exist. This causes the solenoid to continue to respond to the signals being sent by the circuit board, producing a series of clicks as current flows through the coil.

A solenoid Switch is an Electrical Switch is used in high power circuits for switching purposes by using a small control signal. The high current circuits are starter motor circuits operated by a small current switch, this switch is mainly operated by extensive logic circuits and it is economically integrated chips and small electronic components. In this article, I discussed Solenoid Switch and its applications.

Solenoid Switch

Solenoid Switch Definition

An electrical switch that is widely used in high current circuits like motor starter circuits comes into action with help of small power switching is called a Solenoid Switch. This switch turns ON a durable switch to connect the battery of a vehicle to the motor’s starter. Once the ignition key is activated then a solenoid switch connects the drive pinion starter. The main features of solenoid switches are high performance, reliability, and durability.

Purpose of Solenoid Switch

A solenoid switch is used to control high-power circuits with the help of small electrical control signals to activate the switch. It also allows the high-power conversion device to be limited to a remote area. These switches are commonly used in automotive engine starting systems.

The Solenoid Switch allows users to turn off the light at a specific location. This is useful for turning off a light in a specific room, or for turning off a light when a person is not present. The light remains on for a short amount of time after the person has left the room, and then turns off on its own.

Solenoid Switch Price

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solnoid switch price

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