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5.1 Prologic Board

5.1 Prologic board or 5.1 Pre Amp Kit Audio Board and Convert 2 Channel to 5.1 Channel and also use for Home Theatre Sound Recorder and Sound Circuits. This is a high-quality DTS 5.1 Prologic Board, A surround sound decoder that converts stereo input to 5.1 Channel like the front left, front right, center, rear left, rear right, and sub. It’s a pre-amp board with hi-fi audio output. Connect with a good amplifier to get the best result for individual channel crystal clear audio.

Technical Specifications of 5.1 Prologic Board

  1. 5.1 Input/2.1 Input ( by selection switch)
  2. Power input 12 0 12 dual supply 1 amp
  3. Subwoofer Out, Surround Out, and L & R out with built-in Bass Treble

B-Tech Audio DTS 5.1 Prologic Board

5.1 prologic board

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B-Tech Audio DTS 5.1 Channel Remote Kit Small Display Working with (12-0-12v) AC Supply

This B. Tech audio DTS board works with a 12-0-12v AC supply no need to buy a DC rectifier it comes with an inbuilt Rectifier with regulator ICs like 7805 this 5.1 Dts board comes with the remote kit along with a 5.1 Channel Input Option With Encoder Functions. 16 * 2 Jumbo Display Used Original Japan ICs and  6 Channel Independent electronic Volume (0 to -99Db/1Db step-00Db), 6 Channel Independent Gain Control (0 Db To +14 Db Step), L/R Channel 4 Input Selector (Input Gain 0 to +14 Db/2Db Step, Multi-Channel Input -6 Channel Input, Tone Control Bass-14 to + 14 Db (2 Db Step)Treble- 14 to +14 Db ( 2 Db Step), Working Voltage AC Transformer 12-0-12v 1Amps.


B.tech 5.1 DTS board

B-Tech Audio DTS 5.1 Channel Remote Kit


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HD Audio Rush DTS / AC3 5.1 Channel https://amzn.to/3gNHGrS

B-TECH Audio BASS Treble and Tone Control Board. https://amzn.to/3oK80HJ

B-Tech Audio 5.1 Prologic Board. https://amzn.to/362TSTh

Audio Amplifier Cabinet. https://amzn.to/3gJIWfB

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