12v to 5v DC-DC Converter Circuit Diagram | 12V to 5V Converter using 7805 IC

12V to 5V converter

In this article I would like to explain about 12v to 5v Converter which is DC-DC step down type converter. If you want to 5V DC power supply for making digital circuits like audio pre amp circuits, Dolby and optical circuits, Arduino boards mostly required. But in this case if you have only 12v power supply then you need to convert 5v by DC-DC converter for reducing power supply.

In most of digital circuits required 5V DC power supply, but we have only 12V power supply or Battery source then if you want to 5V DC power supply in that case you require 12V to 5V converter it is also known as DC-DC converter or step down regulator.

Here many ways we have, it depends on circuits you are used and other is suitability of components used. 12V to 5V power supply converted by using 7805 voltage regulator circuit.

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What is LM7805 Voltage Regulator

LM7805 is a voltage regulator, it gives output 5 Volts like same as other regulators in the market. which is a 3- terminal regulator they are input, middle pin is ground and other is output. It has internal thermal- overload protection, this regulator gives output is +5v with current up to 1.5A. You can easily identify the IC 7805 voltage rating by its number like the last two digits of the IC. Example: LM7805 is gives output voltage 5V.

7805 Voltage Regulator PIN Diagram

7805 voltage regulator


7805 PIN Out

12v to 5v DC-DC Converter Circuit Diagram

12v to 5v converter circuit

12V to 5V Converter Circuit

This 12V to 5V DC-DC Converter circuits making is simple by using 7805 IC and together with some other components. It is simple circuit, from above circuit shows all the parts needed for a making voltage regulator to work properly. This 12V to 5V Converter using 7805 for getting constant voltage applications in digital circuits.

This 7805 voltage regulator circuit requires 470µF capacitor keep at input side and 1µF capacitor near the output of 7805 IC. In this circuit Vin is the unregulated DC source or battery source taken through Diode 1N4007. Vout is regulated 5V DC output of 7805IC.

LM7805 Features

  • It has 3-terminal regulator.
  • It has power-dissipation capability.
  • Internal short-circuit current limiting.
  • Output current gives up to 1.5A.
  • Internal thermal-overload protection.
  • Absolute maximum input voltage 35V.
  • Recommended opening condition are minimum input voltage 7V and maximum 25V.

LM7805 Applications

LM7805 is used in many circuits they are,

  • It is used as fixed-output voltage regulator.
  • Variable output regulator.
  • Used as current regulator.
  • Reverse bias projection circuit.

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