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Voltage Booster Circuit

Basically, a Simple Voltage Booster Circuit is also DC-DC Converter or booster. These are comes under electronic circuits it can be either step up or step down the DC Voltage to get the required voltage level. Actually these DC voltage booster circuit it can boosts a low DC voltage to high DC voltage, namely 1.5V to 3V to desired higher DC levels of DC to DC Boost Converter

In many industrial applications and required to convert fixed DC voltage supply into variable voltage DC supply also by using voltage booster circuit. This is simple voltage booster circuit by using lesser components, this circuit can boost the battery voltage from 1.5V to 40V to 70V DC. We already discussed above it is DC to DC step up converter, but the output current of circuit low is around 20mA when the step up condition. This circuit helps where we required in which a high voltage and low current applications.

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Simple Voltage Booster Circuit Diagram


Simple Voltage Booster Circuit

Voltage Booster Circuit Diagram

From the above circuit, the output of the voltage booster circuit on the inductive coil used. Suppose if we use 220uH coil is used, the max output of the circuit can be around 40V DC. Similarly, 470uH coil can gets up to 70v DC vice versa.

Finally, the desired output voltage can be achieved by Zener diode. For example if we want to 24v DC voltage then you can use a 24V Zener Diode.

The above circuit is made by using two transistors that are 2N3904 and 2N3906. The coil used in the circuit is fixed coil the purpose of the coil for getting desired voltage. These coils looks same as resistors and can be easily easily purchased at local market. The voltage is increased by increasing the coil value and desired output can be produced by Zener Diode Value.

Components for Voltage Booster Circuit

  • 1.5V AA Battery
  • Resistors – 220k, 100k, 1K.
  • Transistors – 2N3904, 2N3906
  • Diode – 1N4148
  • Zener Diode

Simple Voltage Booster Applications

  • Used in Automotive applications.
  • Power amplifier applications.
  • Adaptive control applications.
  • Battery power systems.
  • Used in Consumer Electronics.
  • Communication Applications.

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