4558 IC Subwoofer Bass Booster Circuit diagram | 4558 IC Circuit Diagram, Datasheet Pdf

4558 IC Subwoofer Bass Booster Circuit:

In this article, we’ll learn how to build a circuit using 4558 IC and its applications. We will discuss the pin configuration, working principle, and circuit diagram of 4558 IC.

In this article, I would like to explain this 4558 IC-based Subwoofer bass booster circuit which is used only for BASS sound.

The 4558 IC is an excellent Bass booster and it helps to increase extra bass without any disturbance. This bass booster circuit reduces the audio frequency to a lower value. The actual concept of the bass booster is for low-frequency sounds.

If you want extra bass then you can use this circuit. This circuit doesn’t give a treble sound. This Sub Woofer circuit is only for Bass speakers not for Tweeters.

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Bass Booster Circuit 

2.1 Preamp Bass Filter Circuit 4558 Opamp

This circuit is used only for Bass, Extra Bass effect will be produced by this Bass Booster circuit, this sound is achieved by using IC 4558.

This Bass Booster gives clear sound without any noise and this can be produced by very low-frequency sound. Low-frequency sound can be produced by a low pass filter circuit, it can block the high-frequency sound.

High-frequency range sounds are treble, as well as low-frequency sounds are Bass. If you want an extra bass effect, then you can make the Bass Booster circuit.

4558 Circuit Diagram

4558 IC

IC 4558  Subwoofer Bass Circuit Diagram

4558 IC PinOut


4558D Pin diagram

4558IC Pinout Diagram

IC 4558 Subwoofer Circuit:

  • Bass Booster Circuit increases BASS for speakers.
  • It Works With Any Amplifier Circuit.
  • Dual Op-Amp IC
  • 4558IC is mainly for Audio Player, Recorder, Amplifier Etc

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4558 IC Datasheet pdf

Download 4558 IC Datasheet Pdf

How To Make Mega Bass Booster Circuit Using 4558

People Asked Questions

What is 4558 IC?

  • 4558 is a Monolithic IC.
  • It is a dual-operational amplifier.

What are the Features of 4558 IC?

Ans: It has a low power consumption of about 50mW, High gain, Short circuit protection, and low noise.

4558 IC Circuit Diagram Applications

  • This 4558 IC can work with any amplifier circuit.
  • 4558D IC Circuit is Dual Op-Amp.
  • 4558 IC mainly used for bass boosters in audio circuits
  • 4558 IC Circuit used for Recorders and Amplifier

Conclusion: The 4558 IC is a dual Schmitt trigger IC, or in layman’s terms, a pair of gated D-type flip-flops. These two devices are to perform binary counting actions

This IC is working as an oscillator, that generates square waves with different frequencies. It’s an essential part if you want to build your own clock circuit or any other timing-related circuit.


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