555 Timer IC based Projects | 27 LED Cube Circuit using 555 IC and 4020 IC

555 Timer IC 27 LED Cube Circuit

This is a 555 timer IC. They are used to create all sorts of cool electronic devices and circuits. They are very commonly used in electronic kits and educational toys. The 555 timer is a very versatile IC.

The 555 timer is one of the most iconic chips in electronics. It was the first chip to use gallium arsenide, which allowed it to run at higher clock speeds. This made it possible to build ever more powerful chips, and the 555 timer was a key component in many of the first microprocessors. The 555 timers are often used to build simple circuits because it has a wide range of timer functions, including delays, oscillation, and counting.

555 Timer IC-based Projects

3x3x3 LED Cube Circuit

555 ic 27 LED Cube Circuit

27 LED Cube Circuit using 555 IC and 4020 IC

This circuit drives a 3x3x3 cube consisting of 27 white LEDs. The 4020 is a binary counter with 14 stages. Each stage is made up of two 14-bit adders. The 4020 outputs 9 binary numbers, one at a time, on its output pins. This means that we need to send 9 binary numbers to the 4020 to produce one output. The 4020 produces 512 different patterns before the sequence repeats and you have to build the project to see the effects it produces on the 3D cube.

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