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What is AC Adapter?

AC Adapter is a device and electronic device required for power supply. They are AC adapters or chargers. Power adapters can convert AC to DC voltage by plugging into a wall outlet. Computers use multiple DC voltages, and the power adapter is the external part of the power supply for a laptop. Desktop computer power supplies are in one internal unit, which converts AC to all DC voltages.

6v Adapter

Excellent 6V 1A DC Power Supply AC Power Adaptor – Smps for Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Torch Led Light Worldwide Adaptor.

Kraft 6V Ac/Dc Power Adapter for Blood Pressure Monitor Digital BP Monitor Adapter 6V AC/DC for Omron, BPL, Equinox, Dr morepen Digital bp Monitor Black.

6v adapter

Adapter Price

About this item

  • Compatible With BPM02,BPM 03, BPM01, BPM01W, BPM04BL, BPM04KBL & BPM02T Dimensions Length 15 cm Weight 85 g
  • Color Black
  • Suitable For: India

Corslet Soldering Tool Kit

Questions & Answers

Can I use a 5V adapter for 6V?

Yes but not coming required voltage for the charge, so the time increase to complete the charge.

Can I use a 6V adapter for 5.9 V?
Yes, No problem, switch to 6V. if your device is with a 5.9V DC input voltage.


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