4-Channel Watt Car Audio Amplifier by using LV47004P audio IC

Car Audio Amplifier by using LV47004P audio IC

This car audio amplifier electronic project by using  LV47004P audio IC, specially designed for car audio applications. The LV47004P audio IC is manufactured by Sanyo Semiconductors and is a 4-channel BTL power amplifier that is developed for car audio system.

Pch DMOS in the upper side of the output stage and Nch DMOS in the lower side of the output stage are complimentary.
High power and high-quality sound are realized by that.

This IC incorporates various functions like standby switch, muting function, and various protection circuit; necessary for car audio system. Also, the LV47004P audio IC has a self-diagnosis function

This 4×24 watt car audio amplifier based on an LV4700P IC circuit can operate from a 9 to 16 volts DC power supply circuit but typically is recommended with a 14.4 volt DC power supply.



4-Channel Watt Car Audio Amplifier

The output power that can be provided by this car audio amplifier circuit is around 24 watt per channel with the 10 %, on a 4 ohms load. In same conditions, this 4×24 watt car audio amplifier based on LV4700P can provide a maximum output power of 17 watts per channel with THD 1 %.
As you can see in the schematic circuit, the design of this power amplifier project is very simple, requiring few external electronic parts.
By varying the value of input capacitor, a low-frequency characteristic can be improved.

Please turn on the muting function simultaneously with a power supply on when the amplifier is turned on. Next, turn off the muting function after the output DC potential stabilization. When the amplifier is turned off, turn off the power supply after turning on the muting function.
To prevent damage due to overheating process the LV47004P audio IC must be heatsinked.

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