LED Street Lights with Auto Intensity Control by Arduino Projects

Arduino based LED Street Lights with Auto Intensity Control

The main goal of this project is to control the automatic intensity of the street lights using an Arduino board. This project uses LED lights instead of HID lamps in streetlights. An Arduino board is used to control the intensity of the lights by developing PWM signals that transform the MOSFET into a set of light-emitting diodes to achieve the desired operation.


Auto-Intensity-Controlling-of-LED-Street-Lights arduino

Auto Intensity Control LED Street Lights by Arduino

LEDs last longer than HID lamps because LEDs consume less power. The Arduino board includes programmable controls that control the light intensity based on the PWM signals produced. The light intensity is kept high during the night when the traffic on the roads decreases slowly and the light intensity decreases more and more until the morning. LED Street Lights with Auto Intensity Control Finally, the light intensity stops completely in the morning at 6 o’clock in the morning and restarts at 6 o’clock in the morning. in the evening and this process is common.

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