TDA2822M IC Mini Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Mini Amplifier Circuit

Mini Amplifier:

This mini amplifier is TDA2822M IC making it simple and compact in size and also used for laptop speaker amplifiers. This circuit can operate small voltage 3 volts to 9 volts and also carry with us.
mini amp by tda2822m


The input is taken from pin no.4 through variable resistor VR1 and capacitor C4.
The variable resistor VR1 is used to select the Range of signal. Capacitor C2 and C6 are used to filter and quality whereas capacitor C3 and C5 are used to bias the audio frequency.
The output of amplifier IC is obtained at pin 1 where resistor R4 and capacitor C8 is used as feedback component. The output is given to the loudspeaker through capacitor C7 in order to produce sound.
  • Resistors    –        R1 = 10 KΩ
    R2 = 47Ω
    R3 = 220Ω
    R4 = 1Ω
    VR1 = 50 KΩ
  • Capacitors  –       C1 = 470 pF
    C2 = 220 µF/10V
    C3 = 100 µF/10V
    C4 = 0.1 µF
    C5 = 10 µF/10V
    C6, C7 = 470 µF/10V
    C8 = 0.1 µF
    Semiconductors-  IC1 = LM1895N
    Miscellaneous  –  LS1 = 4Ω/1W speaker
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