NE5532 IC Pinout, Datasheet Pdf | NE5532 Pre-amp Circuit Board

What is NE5532?

The NE5532 Preamp is a high-quality, low-cost preamp designed to provide the best possible audio performance in harsh industrial environments. The NE5532 is a particularly good choice where a robust, high-quality signal is required, such as in demanding broadcast teleprompters and paging applications. The NE555 preamp is one of the most iconic devices in the world of electronics. The NE5532 features rugged housing with a rugged faceplate for use in harsh industrial environments.

The NE555 preamp is one of the most iconic devices in the world of electronics. It is often called the “blob” or the “vacuum tube” for its shape and has been around since the 1960s. The preamp is a voltage amplifier that allows for greater signal gain before the input to an electronic device, such as a microphone or instrument, than what is required for the device itself. This allows for a louder signal to be output without needing to increase the input gain of the device.

NE5532 Pre-Amp Circuit

NE5532 Circuit

NE5532 IC Circuit Diagram

 It delivers 30 watts per channel into 8-ohm loads and 40 watts per channel into 4-ohm loads. The NE5532 can drive up to 4-ohm loads with not more than 0.1% THD. It also features switchable line and speaker outputs, so you can run the preamp into a powered speaker cabinet or run it direct into a mixer or recording interface.

Components required

  • NE5532 ic – 1
  • 10k – 2
  • 27pf capacitor – 1
  • 100k resistor – 2
  • 75 k resistor – 1
  • 10uf capacitor – 3
  • 220uf capacitor – 2

NE5532 Pinout

Ne5532 Pinout

Pin Details of NE5532

Output A – Pin 1

Inverting Input A – Pin 2

Non- Inverting Input A – Pin 3

-Vcc – Pin 4

Non- Inverting Input B – Pin 5

Inverting Input B – Pin 6

+Vcc – Pin 8

Output B – Pin 7

NE5532 Datasheet

You can download here Ne5532 Datasheet pdf

Most people asked Questions

What is NE5532 used for?
The IC NE5532 is 8 pin Op-Amp and Dual Low noise Amplifier. This Op-Amp is internally compensated high gain. It is used commonly in audio circuits as a pre-amp.

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