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Table Top Wash Basin

Table top wash basin Design is an innovation in bath and shower technology. The Model T was the first, and still the most popular, automatic washing machine, but it did not have a hand wash basket. Instead, the tub was connected to the washing machine by an enormous tubular spout attached to a giant washboard. The scrubber was the end of the tub, which was connected to the tub by a thin tube.

Types of Wash Basins

  • Counter Top
  • Over Counter
  • Under Counter
  • Wall Hung Basins
  • Semi-recessed
  • Basin with pedestal
  • Basin with integrated pedestal
  • Basin with half pedestal
  • Basin with integrated half pedestal
  • Pop-up waste coupling

One must-buy product when you are purchasing sanitary ware products is the wash basin. Whether you are giving a makeover to your bathroom or adding a new washbasin, you will come across a huge variety of materials and designs to choose from. The advancement of technology has literally given us some artistic designer wash basins with high- functionality.

Wash Basin Images

Wash Basin Images


Table Top Wash Basin Price

Backbone Oval Table Top Wash Basin, For Home. ₹ 1,300. Backbone Ceramic; Irwin’s Rectangle Table Gold Top & Base With Black Body. ₹ 6,040. Shiraz Handicrafts.

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