Wire Symbol || Electrical Connecting Wire Symbol

An electrical symbol is helpful when understanding electrical terminology. It can help you understand how electricity works and how to identify different types of wires. The electrical symbol indicates that the object or material is made of electricity. It consists of a circle with an arrow pointing out of it. This symbol is used on appliances, wires, and other items that contain electric currents.

Electrical Symbol


Wire: Wires are used to connect one electrical wire to another. The wire must conduct the electrical current flow. it is called an electrical cable, electric line, or wire.

wire symbol

Electric Line Symbol

Connected Wires: This symbol represents the connection of two wires, indicated by a dot.

connected wires

Connected Wires Symbol

Unconnected wires: This electrical symbol indicates two wires that are separated from each other that wires are said to be unconnected wires.

unconnected wires

Unconnected Wires Symbol


Input bus line: An input bus line is a type of electrical wiring used to transfer electrical power from one location to another. It is similar to a cable, but it is made up of smaller wires that are wrapped together…

Input Bus Line

Input Bus Line Symbol

Output bus line: An output bus line is a type of cable that carries electrical signals from one device to another. Output bus lines are typically used in computers, printers, and other devices that need to send large amounts of data.

output bus line

Output Bus Line Symbol

Terminal: An electrical terminal is an important component of any electrical system. It is responsible for receiving and distributing electricity to the various parts of the system.

Terminal symbol

Termina Symbol

bus line: This electrical symbol represents various conductors which are connected to each other and form a bus wire.

Bus Line Symbol

Bus Line Symbol

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