Ceiling Fan Connection Diagram | Uses of Capacitor for Fan & Fan Condenser

What is the Role of Capacitor for Fan

The Capacitor for Fan plays a major role in ceiling fan, capacitors used not only for start the fan but also to make it runs. Normally ceiling fan don’t have rotating magnetic field why because it is single phase motor type but it has two windings which are starting winding and running winding. Capacitors creates leading angle between the two windings and hence rotating magnetic field produced in it.

Fan Capacitor images

Fan Capacitor

In this article we will discuss about Ceiling Fan Connection, Fan Condenser working and  Fan wiring, normally ceiling fan is nothing but single phase induction motor. This motor working same like induction motor according to construction.

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Ceiling Fan Connection with Capacitor Diagram

Ceiling Fan consists of two windings inside motor namely Starting winding and Running winding. Here Starting winding also called as Auxiliary winding and Running winding also Called as Main winding.

Ceiling Fan Connection diagram


Ceiling Fan Connection Diagram

From the above circuit diagram capacitor plays an important role in ceiling fan which are connected in series with the starting winding (Auxiliary winding). This capacitor and starting winding combination is connected parallel to the running winding (Main winding). By connecting the capacitor for the starting winding to produced two phase which is called split phase and produce rotational magnetic field in the stator. Ceiling Fan without Capacitor cannot self start motor itself that is why capacitor must be used in single phase motors.

Fan Condenser Uses

Fan condensers is nothing but Capacitors and some times call it as condensers in practical manner and they uses are:

  1. The capacitor is used not only to start the fan but also to make it spin.
  2. Fan Capacitors are widely used for their reliability and consistent performance.
  3. To generate a revolving magnetic field.
  4. Fan condenser makes 90 degrees leading angle.

Generally the rating of Fan Condensers are 2.5μF to 3.5μF this capacitors are used as permanently in motor which motors are called capacitor start and capacitor run motors.

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