PUBG Mobile Lite Apk File Download | PUBG Lite PC Download

PUBG Mobile Lite After the PUBG ban for PUBG Mobile Lite, a lot of research has been done on the internet in India. Let us know that you cannot download PUBG Mobile Lite from Google Play Store. For this, you need to use other software like APK and OBB files. We will give you all … Read more

Potential Transformer | Applications of Potential Transformer and Working

potential transformer

Potential Transformer The Potential Transformer is a passive electromagnetic device that works on the principle of electromagnetic induction, which transfers electrical energy magnetically from one circuit to another. It has two coils which are one primary and one secondary. The two windings (coils) are magnetically connected to each other without any magnetic core and are … Read more

What is a Filter Capacitor? | Filter Capacitor Working and Applications

Capacitor Images

The Filter Capacitor is the basic type of capacitor there is no difference from the other capacitors, it depends on the type of working. The capacitor is a reactive component used in analog electronic filters due to the function of the capacitor’s impedance frequency. Depending on the frequency of the capacitor that affects the signal. This … Read more

Types of Diodes | Applications of Diodes | Rectifier, Clipper, Reverse Current Protection

Diode Symbol

What is a Diode? In this article, we discuss what is Diode and its Applications of Diodes and where we can use it. A diode is an electronic component that can be used to control the flow of electricity. It has two terminals, an anode, and a cathode. The purpose of the diode is to allow … Read more

Variable Resistor Symbol | Rheostat Symbol & Types of Variable Resistors and Applications

Potentiometer symbol

What is a Variable resistor: A Variable resistor is a type of resistor in which the electric flow of current can be controlled by adjusting the resistance value. This variable resistor works the same as a normal resistor at a fixed value and if the resistance value increases in the variable resistor the current through … Read more

Ceiling Fan Connection Diagram | Uses of Capacitor for Fan & Fan Condenser

Fan Capacitor images

What is the Role of Capacitor for Fan The Capacitor for Fan plays a major role in ceiling fan, capacitors used not only for start the fan but also to make it runs. Normally ceiling fan don’t have rotating magnetic field why because it is single phase motor type but it has two windings which … Read more

Potentiometer Types | Types of Potentiometers | Potentiometer Symbol

potentiometer symbol

What is a Potentiometer? In this article explains Potentiometer types and its having a 3-terminal device, it is manually adjustable variable resistor. This potentiometer commonly named as a potmeter or pot, the two terminals of the potentiometer connected to opposite ends that is resistive element and the 3rd terminal used as sliding contact which is movable … Read more

Types of Insulators Used in Transmission Lines | Insulators Applications

What Is An Insulator? In this article explain about What is an Insulator?, Types of Insulators, where can we use the insulator and their applications we will discuss in this article. an insulator is non conducting material which does not flow electrical current through this material called an insulator. Some examples of insulating material are … Read more

Difference Between AC and DC Currents | AC and DC Waveforms

AC Current wave form

AC and DC Currents: Conductive materials contain free electrons that move from one atom to another when the potential difference between them is applied. This flow of electrons in a closed circuit is called current. Based on the direction of motion of the electrons in a closed circuit, the electric current is mainly classified into … Read more

Difference Between Latch and Flip-Flop | Latch vs Flip-Flop MCQ

latch and flip flop

In this article, we discuss both latch and flip-flop are considered as the fundamental elements of the electronic system. The crucial difference between Latch and Flip-Flop is that a latch changes its output regularly according to the change in the applied input signal when it is enabled. As against in a flip flop, the output … Read more